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Who Uses Save-a-Tooth®?

Moms, School Nurses, Athletic Trainers, Emergency Responders, and even your local Dentist!


How Does It Work?

Learn the simple and fast steps to take to save a knocked out tooth. We've got technical details, and a FAQ, too



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Buy Save-A-Tooth®, Save $50 on Store-A-Tooth™ Dental Stem Cell Preservation

Don’t throw away the precious stem cells in your child’s teeth. They could help protect your family’s health. Consider saving them instead with Store-A-Tooth™, the leader in dental stem cell preservation.

Did you know, there are adult (non-embryonic) stem cells in teeth?

These dental stem cells can be saved for your child’s future benefit.

With Store-A-Tooth™, you can collect and save your children’s own dental stem cells, from baby teeth that are naturally falling out or from healthy teeth being extracted, such as wisdom teeth.

Similar to stem cells from umbilical cord blood, dental stem cells have the potential to be used in many medical applications. They have already been used to regenerate dental bone and periodontal ligament, and are currently being studied by researchers to help treat conditions such as diabetes and spinal cord injury. Click here for more information on how stem cells may lead to breakthroughs in regenerative dentistry and medicine.

The Save-A-Tooth® container is part of the Store-A-Tooth™ collection kit, used to transport the tooth from your dentist to our laboratory, where the stem cells are taken out and stored in long term cryopreservation. “We chose Save-A-Tooth® because it is the only device accepted by the ADA to preserve an avulsed tooth. In the same way it protects and nourishes a knocked out tooth until it can be replanted by a dentist, this device enables us to provide the highest quality dental stem cell banking available.”

Families and Patients

The $50 coupon attached to your Save-A-Tooth© entitles you to $50 savings on Store-A-Tooth dental stem cell preservation. Click here to learn more about how saving the stem cells in your child’s teeth may help protect your family’s future health.


Did you know that that the $50 coupon is also good for a discount on the Store-A-Tooth™ Dentist Program? The Store-A-Tooth offer for dentists and oral surgeons provides patient education, CE training, and discounts for you and your team.