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Save-a-Tooth® saves knocked-out teeth.


Who Uses Save-a-Tooth®?

Moms, School Nurses, Athletic Trainers, Emergency Responders, and even your local Dentist!


How Does It Work?

Learn the simple and fast steps to take to save a knocked out tooth. We've got technical details, and a FAQ, too



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Prevent The Loss of Teeth Knocked Out In An Accident

The sad fact is, only 10% of teeth knocked out in an accident can be successfully re-implanted. Using Save-A-Tooth®, the success rate rises to over 90%. Teeth begin to die within 15 minutes of being knocked out of the mouth, but a Save-A-Tooth® will keep that tooth alive and undamaged for up to 24 hours.

Why the FDA, ADA and the U.S. Olympic team love Save-A-Tooth®

Save-A-Tooth® is the only tooth saving system scientifically proven to work, and has been FDA approved and received the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of acceptance — the only such product on the market to do so. And many professional organizations recommend that a Save-A-Tooth® be included in each and every first-aid kit.

Further most professional sports teams as well as the U.S. Olympic team use Save-A-Tooth®. Save-A-Tooth® stores easily with your first-aid kit for up to two years and needs no refrigeration.

Easy to use, and inexpensive

Save-A-Tooth® is inexpensive and easy to use, especially when you consider the alternatives:

  • the price of a replacement tooth is upwards of $3,000 and needs replacement every ten years. And that’s even if your dental plan covers it (most don’t!)
  • children under 18 cannot use permanent replacement teeth, because their jaw is still maturing and their teeth constantly shifting. That means expensive temporary dentures or outright missing teeth. And you can imagine how that will go over with the other kids. Children with missing teeth suffer significant psychological and social stress from their peers
  • due to the permanent long-term repercussions of lost teeth, especially in an accident, there is a strong threat of lawsuits — even if you didn’t “cause” the accident

Learn more about why you need a Save-A-Tooth®

Whether your a School Nurse, an Athletic Trainer or Emergency responder (like Ambulance, Police, or Firemen), or simply a concerned Mom, having a simple Save-A-Tooth®  is a extremely easy solution to what is otherwise an emergency situation. Even Dentists and Oral Surgeons use Save-A-Tooth®  — because it works!

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